Programme Outline for 17th AIPSC @ Bhopal

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Thematic Content of AIPSC

The XVII AIPSC seeks to bring together a wide coalition of social forces to join the Peoples Science movement to deliberate and forge campaigns on 4 Themes of an alternative set of ideas regarding:

  • Nation-building and defense of the Idea of India based on diversity, pluralism, tolerance and non-discrimination
  • Development, self-reliance, job creation, inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth
  • Promoting scientific temper, reason and critical thinking
  • Effective and inclusive public-funded health, education and other services, with special focus on the issues in new Educational Policy

Broad structure of AIPSC

The Sessions of the Congress will be organised in the following manner:

Opening Plenary: Will be organised on the afternoon of Day 1. It will be an open session with participation from local organizations in MP as well as AIPSC delegates. The plenary will have keynote presentations by invited speakers on issues of concern for the AIPSN.

Technical Sessions: These will be organized on 7th and 8th June (Day 2 and Day 3). The programme for each of the two days will be as follows:

Two Sub-Plenaries (of 200-250 people) in the morning, each of which will have presentations on two themes. Thus each morning, there will be plenary presentations on four themes.

Workshops (of 50-100 people) in two slots in the afternoon (2 – 5 pm). In each slot 5-6 workshops will be organized in parallel. Thus there will be about 30-40 workshops organized in the two days. In each workshop, there will be 3-5 presentations by AIPSN activists and invited RPs. These presentations would set the tone for the subsequent discussions in the workshops. The presentations would be a mix of theoretical issues, perspectives and concrete experiences.

Organization session: This will be organized in the morning of the 4th day and will have discussions regarding the future direction of AIPSN.

Closing Plenary: This will be organized in the afternoon of the 4th day and will have plenary presentations from the AIPSN and by invited Resource Persons.

Exhibitions: Exhibitions on S&T issues including those on: 1) Understanding the Universe; 2) Origin of Life; 3) Environment and Climate Justice; and 4) S&T for Rural application, will be set up at the venue of the Congress. In addition, book stalls exhibiting books on science will be set up. Each AIPSN member will have a pavilion where they would depict the activities of the organisation, related to S&T promotion and popularization through charts, models and other AV media.

Cultural Presentations: There will be cultural presentations by groups from different state organizations on the evenings of Day 2 and 3.

Dialogue with youth: The congress will have separate session on 1st day evening on “Dialogue with youth”.

Cultural fest: The Congress will also have Cultural activities such as plays, music events, and film screenings.

Free Space: Free space will be available for poster presentations and also as “sell your idea” corners.

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